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Female model wearing teal shirt that reads Hollywood
Female model wearing teal shirt that reads Hollywood.  The words Holly are on top of Wood.
Girl laying down wearing fishnet stockings and a teal Hollywood t-shirt
Model wearing Hollywood T-shirt by Top Knot Goods
Girl wearing teal vintage inspired Hollywood t-shirt
Polaroid of a model wearing Hollywood t shirt
Model wearing white panties and a teal Hollywood t-shirt
Girl sitting down in chair wearing a teal Hollywood T-shirt
Female model wearing teal Hollywood T-shirt
Close up of a model's t shirt that reads "Hollywood"
Female model with a rocks glass sitting in a chair in a teal Hollywood t shirt


Hollywood Tee

$32.00 USD


HOLLYWOOD forever...inspired by vintage 70's hollywood glamour, you'll make a statement when you're wearing this tee.

  • Women's sizing (models are wearing size S). Choose normal size or size up for baggier fit.
  • 100% cotton / super soft, stretch ribbed fabric.
  • Teal


SIZE-                                       FIT SIZES-
S                                              2-4
M                                             4-8
L                                              8-10
XL                                            10-14

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